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Karola Szajnochy 21
85-738 Bydgoszcz
tel. (tymczasowy do 31.12) 52 3243008
tel. 52 327 06 06
fax 52 327 06 07 
e-mail: q7@q7.pl

About us

As an ad agency we have been providing commercial services in advertising and image strategies for 18 years.

Our Agency offers a variety of services including creating professional websites, multimedia presentations, design, image creation as well as full spectrum of printing activities - from business cards to sophisticated image catalogues.

Q7 strives to capture the unique character of the brand in every single project, we engage experience, knowledge, talent and passion of our specialists.

We perfectly understand the impact of first impressions - the instinctive reaction that lasts just for a few seconds. Humans create their own vision primarily by emotions, associations and intuition in a blink of an eye. The resulting impression is long lasting and strongly influences subsequent decisions.

This knowledge is invaluable - especially if you desire to create the image intentionally.

We always carefully analyze the customer's demands before starting a new project. Q7 offers solutions of real value for money, so that our clients could squeeze the essence from the undertaken advertising efforts.

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