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Image strategies

The company's image is a treasure, but it does not last forever - on the contrary - left to itself simply devalues.

Sometimes an obselete name or logo do not comply with modern design standards, or simply are no longer consistent with the company's strategy. Modern trademark, however, should reflect the ambitions of its brand and clearly indicate development of the company.

Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to change the image and that results in postponing or withdrawing from the project completely.
This is perfectly normal - fear of the unknown is just human nature.
But it should be recognized that communicating innovation in business is key to be one step ahead of competitors.

Newly developed corporate identification system becomes a permanent carrier of the desired image, provides support for further development and arranges all marketing materials.

Regardless of whether we talk about a subtle logo retouch, or radical solutions - rebranding included – increasing the brand value is always a priority.

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