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Karola Szajnochy 21
85-738 Bydgoszcz
tel. (tymczasowy do 31.12) 52 3243008
tel. 52 327 06 06
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e-mail: q7@q7.pl


The world is rushing and it is constantly subject to metamorphoses, so is the market.
Therefore the company willing to meet rapidly changing consumer demands should regularly alter its Web image.

You should realize that for the vast majority of Internet users the look of a website and its high SEO ranking is equal to the actual status of the company.

With this in mind we do everything, so that our services are noticed and remembered.
First, you share your vision, then we do the magic.
Q7 creates every website from scratch, never from templates. We deploy the latest software solutions (database systems, advanced CMS), our websites are SEO optimized, compatible with mobile devices and most importantly – user friendly.

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